Anant "Uncle'' Pai

Anant Pai strode the Indian comics industry like a colossus. Using the comics format he told stories from mythology, history and literature to generations of children. Uncle Pai, as he was known, wanted Indian children to be familiar with their heritage. He believed that it helped build self-esteem and confidence. A chemical engineer by profession, Anant Pai gave up his job to follow his dream, a dream that led to the creation of Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle. Tinkle pays tribute to its creator—the man who left behind a legacy of learning and laughter—on his birth anniversary.


Uncle Pai launched Amar Chitra Katha with the purpose of passing on stories from Indian mythology to the next generation. The inspiration for this series came while he was watching a television quiz of school children. The children were effortlessly able to answer questions on Greek mythology, but were stumped when it came to Indian myths and legends. Uncle Pai simplified and streamlined the complex body of stories from Indian mythology by using comics as the medium of story-telling. This was an instant hit with children.

Tinkle, India’s only comics magazine, was launched in 1980. Today, the number of Tinkle titles has expanded to include Tinkle Digest, Tinkle Double Digest, Tinkle Star (Tinkle in regional languages) and Tinkle Online.

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